Specialty Services

Specialty Services


Relocation Planning and Management

Anyone who has been involved in moving offices knows the actual moving of materials from one point to another is the easy part. The hard part is planning and organizing. Classic Office will oversee your entire office move, from the planning phase right through to hanging art on the wall of your new office. Our goal is to help plan and execute the most efficient and cost effective move possible.

Our team offers:

  • No cost quoting
  • Pre-move planning
  • Planning content and computer moves
  • Planning full package moves (content, computer and furniture)
  • Creating individual office (furniture) lay-out drawings
  • Detailed elevator schedules and bookings as well as building access and security clearance
  • Arranging move schedules
  • Providing precise budget figures
  • Space planning and furniture placement
  • Packing and labeling including providing all your necessary packing and moving supplies
  • Warehouse and post-move storage needs
  • File room moves and planning


Whether you need new keys/locks for your furniture and cabinets or your furniture locks don’t match each other, we can:

  • Cut or replace keys
  • Install new locks
  • Remove and match up all existing keys/locks to help make your office storage more secure and convenient
  • Furniture locksmithing and key replacement



Furniture Repairs/Touch-ups

Is your office furniture getting old and worn out or scratched and scuffed? We have the ability to provide:

  • Heat stain removal
  • Scratch repair
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Repairs to hinges, drawers, and furniture glides/levellers

If it’s time to bring that old piece of furniture back to life, we can also provide:

  • Complete refinishing of old furniture
  • Custom cutting and fitting

Artwork Placement

Just moved? Purchased new artwork? Redesigning your space? We can help with all your artwork placement needs. Give us a call and we will send one of our experienced crew to assist in placement of your artwork and hang it precisely where you want it.



Post Move Services

After a move chances are your furniture, storage units or artwork will need to be shuffled around to suit your employees’ needs. We offer our post move service to:

  • Shift or move any furniture or cabinets at your request
  • Hang artwork
  • Install keyboard trays
  • Hang cork/white boards
  • Collect empty moving bins
  • Sort out furniture keys
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